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Reviews for "DUCK SIM 2008"


I can understand what you were going through when you made this. I think we've all been there before.

On that note, I think I may be the only person who actually played longer than 5 minutes. I really couldn't stop laughing. I think it really is a good satire on art, gaming, and art gaming. It asks the age old question "If I claim something is art, is it art?"

It's okay

It was okay. I liked what you did with the ending.

But how do multiple endings fit your life? :P

Was good but theres a problem.

I was very close to giving this a perfect score but sadly there is a game killing bug.

Like you said in the intro screen you can hit "q" to skip the dialog. I didn't skip any of it as it was actually quite entertaining. But then I get to the boss with the pop-goes-the-weasel music box thing, and he (it?) asks a question that I'm supposed to answer yes or no. The problem was I was skipping through his dialog and then ended up skipping the question! I saw it for a split second before the dialog ended and the boss fight music started. The life bar shows up, I start attacking, but the boss is still standing there and its life doesn't go down. The game pretty much ended there for me because I couldn't make anything happen. I even used the "mysterious blue feather", which had a nice visual effect but still nothing happened. I had to restart the game.

Other than that one bug, the game is great. The pixel art really works well with the music too. Good job! I want to see more.

It fails in one thing....

The duck won't drown if you keeps its head underwater. Apart from that, it's kind of realistic...

This has got to stop.

This game sucks, period. The authors comments propably took longer than it did to make the game. Newgrounders, stop giving this a ten becuase you think it is funny to pretend that it was good. It wasn't, and it's not funny.