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Reviews for "DUCK SIM 2008"


How The Hell do You Do Anything But Put Your Head Under The Water

I dunno

when you turn into a space duck there is a glitch where you must do a double glitch and you are OMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEGA duck and the multipile e gets off the screen




I evolved my duck into Golduck.

You may want to fix the bug in the space shootout, though. When I try to fire my hyper-lazer 3 times fast, the game goes back to the undercover surveillance scene.

That is the joke

I was expecting any minute for some crazy thing to pop up like an explosion or something but it never happened. I at least think that this was a pretty good simulation of what it would be like to be a duck. That thing actually seems to look more like a goose to me. It reminds me of how in "The Sims" they have a bunch of ridiculous fantasy stuff like genies and trolls and that is supposed to be a slice of life story. This game does not appear to have any of that at all. I was at least hoping I could learn how to glide or something.