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Reviews for "DUCK SIM 2008"

I'm sorry but this should have been blammed

The only constructive thing I can say about this is that it is original.

I actually gave this some time and a chance. I held the duck's head underwater expecting it to drown or something. But nothing. This game has no interactivity, no graphical superiority, no gameplay, and no replay value. It is not a game at all. It is not art. What is it? A waste of people's time.

Here's my constructive criticism (although I already realize I am wasting my breath): add the above things that I just mentioned above and you will have an enjoyable game.

Please make moar before you make less..please

the story line is what sold me.i felt like i was one with the game.i could feel the wind on my neck and the water on my feet.you,good sir,are pure genius!!i do have a few ideas for part 2:
1,give player a "choose hair style option"
2,make the music louder.
3,allow breeding,for teh babies.

thanx for the exp,i just lvl'd ^^

ok but...

ok this is probably a good game except nothing happens i just click play then theres a duck. i click agen his head goes into the water what is up? nothing happens can you plz explain then i'll review properly.

Thank you for that.

I was truly and utterly moved by this work, I do believe you can change the world with games such as these. I am deeply disturbed by a poster below me, a certain "TomBrienYouSuck", for this person seems to find some form of gratification in insulting artists, such as yourself.

I leave you knowing that after playing this game, I am a changed man, and will forever have a brighter outlook on life.


A masterpiece!

Though the 3-D graphics did take their toll on my computer. The shading, lighting, and all graphical effects are spot on.

Easily worthy of the highest praise.