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Reviews for "Porcelain Promo"


I am just giving it an eight cause your not finished and also cause, of course, I know the story. Also I think One-Dollar had a point but I don't know his exp in these kinda things... mine is like zero.

Anyway I think it's much better to see this if you know the story because else you won't really get it. So I think the four of us need to come together and make some great ideas for a promo. Anyway I think you did a great job and waiting for the finale result.

Jerrold ^^

pepermuntjuh responds:

:D Thanks for the review Teehee
I think it's a great idea to get together, perhaps simply on the board, to talk things through, and actually come up with more ideas...
I'll be editing this soon, but once we come up with some ideas, I think an entirely new video would be the best idea :)



Well artwork is good but you needed to put something more its short but i hope you will finish your flash soon

pepermuntjuh responds:

Hehe, thank you :) And you're absolutely right, more work needs to be put in it, and trust me.. I'm on it :D



Here's a random and probably unhelpful suggestion - when you're showing the ruined buildings the camera does some very odd focusing, like it seems to rush to them then pull away slowly or zoom out then in again. Some slow panning combined with a slow fade might work better - it gives your audience time to try and figure out what it is they're looking at rather than throwing it in their face, it makes it more involving. Does that make any sense?

Anyway, your promo is interesting but not enough to make me watch out for you finished film. There's very little story on show here so I'm not sure whether it'll be my thing or not. Your artwork is very good but it looks scanned - or at least bitmap - so you need to figure out how to turn it into lots of individual symbols so that you can animate it. That's going to be your main challenge to start with.

Good luck!

pepermuntjuh responds:

Haha, hey there! Definitly not an unhelpful suggestion you just made there :D You're absolutely right.. haha... I watched it again after reading your review, and went.. 'hey, i think he's right, it does look a bit... odd' So thanks for noticing that teehee!
Now, of course I'm still ... kind of.. a Flash-noob... but I'll try my best to make it look...more interesting haha :D