Reviews for "Mario slayer the return"


The Stop/Play button was a pretty nice addition, and I love how you get to choose the ending. Nice work!

Figter responds:

Thanks man u will se more of this


The random ending was funny and it was all well animated. Guess our hard work payed off!

Figter responds:

Thanks yes it really did coulden't have made it whitout you


This was good. i like the fight

Figter responds:

Thanks man ^^


Ok first of all the sound effects were much better this time. All the clashing and stuff made this a lot more enjoyable to watch. Then there's the backgrounds. These were awesome in the way that they changed and zoomed in. Also the enemies were more variad, the music was better, and the alternate endings were very enjoyable. 10/10 although I think the 5th episode was just as good .

Figter responds:

Thanks mate and yeah this was where i gotten somewhat into flash and wanted to make a challenging flash whit good quality.
Thanks for the review mate! :D

I loves... from jelly time! that's banana from so the random wins! I love nukes!!!