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Reviews for "The Hearing Game"


MAN I thought that was going to happen and I still fell for it! I fail. That was good man. Not original mind you but still great. I love it! OMG that was fun. I want everybody to play this game with there speakers at max level! HaHa good work.

Emby responds:

Hehe, glad you liked it...

Now to show your friends hehe...

Love it

I knew it would happen like this, but wow that was loud. Awesome, 10/10

Emby responds:

Oh yeah it is pretty loud, especially if you put your speakers up REAL loud. I, the maker of the Flash almost got a heart attack from it!

More screamers coming from me soon...!


for some reason i put my face closer to the screen to hear better, lol?? very funny and scary good thing i didnt max speakers. very cool though and not really obvious ur gona get the shit scared out of you lol

Emby responds:

You put your face close to the screen? Awesome. Bet you got a heart attack. Thanks for not taking it seriously!


WOW! hahahahah dude, that was just insane! i was wonderin what everyone was so scared of holy shit...that scared the life right out of me cause right at the last one i moved real close in on my screen an turned the volume up a bunch...then....BAM! hahah that was just awesome! thanks for scarin the crap outta me!

Emby responds:

Sounds like I got you really good... Glad you enjoyed! Or, sorta.


i was expecting it the entire time. heres some reasons.
1. the name u need a new name so its not obvious wats going to happen.
2. putting sounds low and making people put up there speaker makes them want to mute it 4 wats coming up.
3. u could kill them but there fault 4 playing :P.
but overall it was still good.

Emby responds:

It was pretty obvious... just about everyone told me. Nah, people won't mute it, because they won't know WHEN the screamer'll pop up. Well, good thing you liked it. Oh, and don't get your brothers with it JUST YET, I want to get them when me and my brother are over to see them jump out of their chairs and piss themselves... Heh heh