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Reviews for "The Hearing Game"

holy shit

You scared the shit out of me. I was high as fuck and then that thing screamed. I almost had a goddamn heart attack.

Emby responds:

Aw man, that made me so happy. Glad you enjoyed!


Man i think i might add to my favorites to scare friends oh and also put at instructions: put sound at maximum!

Emby responds:

Aw man, get your friends, it's SO great!

And, if I told people to max their volumes, many things would happen.

1. Their speakers would explode.
2. They would have a heart attack.
3. The game would EVEN more obvious!

But, thanks for the review!

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

scared the hell out of me . but like the guy below me said it was WAAAYYYY to obvious like the hearing game and turn up your volume like c'mon man. messed up picture though. and even though it scared me i still liked it

P.S.how long does the scream go on?

Emby responds:

Well, this went better than expected. Most people hate screamers. I'm glad *most* of the people that I got gave good reviews. And yes, it was very obvious... but who cares? Most people will probably read the reviews before they play, so they'll expect it. Nonetheless, it's still scary! And the scream goes on forever, I looped the sound, and the last frame is stop();'ed. Thanks for the review!

Good one!

Fun, but how more obvious could it be? "The Hearing Game", scince when was there a hearing game that was NOT a screamer? Next time, try to make a better button! Also you could try to flash the screamer on for a second instead of keeping it on.

Emby responds:

Trust me, I couldn't think up a name at all for this one. Making an icon was also hard. Yes, the button sucked. And yeah, keeping it on is a little annoying. Glad you ENJOYED IT


that was hilarious, i got scared like that once...
but i hate screamers.
and i think it gave me a small seizure and made my face all warm
pretty clever tho.
and put you speakers up because of the sound? classic.

Emby responds:

I gave you a seizure? Genius.