Reviews for "Chanter Tales 1.3"

Geart artwork

It's like watching an animated painting, I really like the style of artwork. The flame and lighting effects were especially good, you also make moving water convincing too.

The story is engaging and the sound effects are well chosen too.

Overall, I can't really fault this film at all, it's all good.


the story of this series is amazing, the mystic surrounding the world this wizard is living in has nymphs, troll like creatures, magic and rival human tribes in its enchanted lands

I can't wait for the next part mate :)

Cheers // Screamer91


i thought he didn't want to tell because he got raped or something.
great story.

Ghosty22 responds:

I don't like to talk about all the times I got raped either...


A little late on my review.

You can really tell how much hard work that was put into this flash. You are a great animator in everyway! I hope this flash get's more views, it really deserves it.

Can't wait for ep4.

Ghosty22 responds:

Thank you, sir.

dang on!

SWEET!.. LIKEY! great stuff! the voice acting was only .. ok.. but the rest was outstanding...

you only get a 9 because it was " to be continued" I will watch for the next movie..