Reviews for "Chanter Tales 1.3"

I loved this masterpiece

can't wait to see the continue!

Great animation

Great Frame by Frame , cannot wait for the next. I think the guy who he is telling the story to is the old wizard following him. But we shall find out - soon I hope!!

Another objet d'art

I really liked it! Besides the good sound and the original story,you made a style which i have never seen yet.

just plain great

Keep it up. Your a really great animator, and a fairly decent voice actor. More people should see this, its great it really is. Just keep doing what you do.


Wow that was great, really interesting story and well told at that. The animation was all superb and the backgrounds and character art was great too. Maybe some of the dialogue seemed a bit to modern for wizards, i dunno. But other than that it was perfect, the only thing i don't get is why it has such a low score? Should be at least a 4.3. Keep it up!

Ghosty22 responds:

No Nintendo characters? Thank you, Sir!