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Reviews for "Press Start: Side Quest"


if all games were like that u would just have to kill the guy to find out that he has the key to the jail house becuase he is the cheif of police instead of traveling halfway across the map in order to get a letter from the general saying that he is near the starting point but u have to find him yourself

How very true...

Ahh yes... the nefarious side quests. However, it has now been proven, yet again...

Ninjas are Badass.

or in this case, badass enough to not have to go on sidequests.




Let me guess

Egoraptor is Zack Nimbus!

lol, no wait, lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol.

i went to this tomb that tell me to do inething to get some water to find out that daves cabin right there to get a letter to climb a cliff to fight some minateurs to ask to have somedrinks! what? DRINKS!!!!!!!!!! things? A LETTER! oh. got to go home