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Reviews for "Press Start: Side Quest"


A rpg parody(well done) which contains enough fun(for me,at least).Looking the zelda's series or not,i liked it!


I felt sorry for the poor guy...in the end - ninjas > all :3

If only you could do that for a Zelda game!

I hate it when you have to do a whole side quest that is probably longer than the game itself. It just shows that in a RPG game, every girl is blond, every guy is retarded, and every monkey is danger prone.

Win for Link's Awakening reference

Oh my god, I can totally relate to this movie! I remember how crazy that trading "quest" was in links awakening too -_-;; This just goes to show that RPG npc's really dont have any common sense

dear god this is so true

ever wondor how in some rpgs you have to go through side quests to get a main item to progress through the game? This movie totally shows how that is true! The guy had to do all that crude just for a drink! LOLZ 5 votes and 10 stars for sure