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Reviews for "Press Start: Side Quest"

I was not expecting that ending. Well, I knew something wild would happen. I do like seeing these characters again. It's great how it's all pointless for him in the end. I'm impressed at how far a chain of deals can go. I loved when he asked why she didn't just get water herself.

I guess the animation could be better. That's mostly the point, I believe. It was funny to see the live-action poster at the end. It's great how the joke escalates. The punchline is quite deserving.

Wow, this is GREAT! I had never heard of the movie, I gotta go watch it! And then watch the rest of the clips, because this is simply awesome!!

LOL! ending was hilarious. also very good video, so true for a lot of games.

Uh, this is for riverman south... SONOFA-

Had me laughin for ages. EPIC WIN!!!


Why does Lin-ku remind me of deadpool so much?