Reviews for "Another Zombie SG"

Great job, man!

When zombies hit my place, I'll definitely have to refer to this Flash. Well done, indeed!

And if you're up to it, you could make another Survival Guide, this time on the enemies from the game Dead Space we all know as the Necromorphs. I mean, it's possible to happen, and it would really help all those avid Dead Space fans out there, including myself.

Apart from all that, I look forward to seeing more SG's from you in the future!

MrAids responds:

I've never played Dead Space, I heard mixed things about it.

I might though.

Hell, when this happens your my zombie advisor

Nice job collecting all this info, i think ive read the handbook alot of its from :P
Youve put alot of time getting this together i can see and i just happen to love zombie movies/games so i guess its a good review coming your way.

MrAids responds:

Hooray =D

Very well put together

I'm always a fan of quality Zombie work, and while this was certainly not the best I've seen, it's very far from the worst. I really liked the fact that you broke everything down into groups and subgroups, but a menu system would have streamlined the experience much more. And maybe switching up the images you used would have added some variety instead of Dead Rising and Romero imagery. There's plenty of quality work on Teh Interwebz. Anyway, good luck in the future and keep it coming!

MrAids responds:

Thanks for the suggestions!

I'll definitely be incorporating an interactive menu, so viewers don't have to read everything, they can just select what they wish to read from the menu.

And I tried to use images from as many different zombie sources as possible, but I couldn't use any from L4D, or 28 Days/Weeks, since the zombies were all fast moving. Although I might be able to squeeze in some images where they just look like zombies, instead of fast angry people.


An informative guide with plenty to read. Now I know more about how not to die if a zombie outbreak occurs.

The font and colour choices look good. Perhaps the font could have looked a bit gorier, but at that size, the legibility of the information might be lowered. I hadn't thought of some of these ideas before, particularly using the bath to store water to prevent the risk of losing that water altogether.

I wonder if draping your body in corpses to dampen the scent of live flesh might work, if only to keep you alive long enough to become diseased by your decaying new clothes. It might be too hard or take too much effort to do properly, though.

MrAids responds:

Yeah, all the gory fonts would've taken up more space, therefore making the font really small.

And efforts to mask one's smell have been reported unsuccesful. Besides, I think a zombie would be suspicious of a moving pile of corpses.

Great work

I love your earlier quizes. You put alot of work into these things, we teh zombie loving community appreciate it. I was bitten recently in fact I am starting to feel weird. I wish I had read your guide a little earlier cause I really could have used it fo... aaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrggggggg hhhhhh...*drools*

MrAids responds:

Earlier quizes...