Reviews for "D00M -- I sawed the demons!"


Nice one there dude. Sweet remixcover. The leads sounded hell clear. Good job!


rocker206 responds:

He thanks man! Oh and I checked out the aggression tune of yours. Cant wait till you put out the full song.


zero haters sucks donkey balls dood!!!

rocker206 responds:

They sure do! thanks for the review.

Very nice

You really have some talent there, this doom song is so freaking nice, best remix i heard so far. Keep up the good work and if your up to it, make another doom song :P


rocker206 responds:

Hey I'm glad you liked the song. And I might consider doing another doom song sometime in the future. Anyways thanks for the review.

I love it!

Im totally rockin' out to this one till the end of time!

rocker206 responds:

Thanks for the review man! Keep on a'rockin.

Remind me of.....

Reminds Me of james bond theme song just metalized....Freaking Awsome!!!