Reviews for "D00M -- I sawed the demons!"

Fucking aces

Hahaha I might not be the only one that noticed, but i think the main riff sounds a LOT like Master of Puppets.

Anyways fucking cool man. Not a bad job at all.

rocker206 responds:

hey thanks for the review! Your right the riff does sound alot like master of puppets. It's been awhile since I've listened to that song. Anyways thanks again.

Needs more....

Wailing Guitar! Higher Pitch! HELL YEAH! This is the kinda shit I love!

rocker206 responds:

Hey glad you liked it man!


zero haters sucks donkey balls dood!!!

rocker206 responds:

They sure do! thanks for the review.

Wow :|

Do you see that emoticon?
Yes- that one.
That's what I looked like when I heard this.
The other day I downloaded the Doom MIDIs and imported them into Reason, thinking of doing a remix. After looking at what other people did, I thought I had no challenge at all to make something better than them-
Then I downloaded this, thinking it'd be just another shitty take off. I was wrong!
I like how you added your own element, but still kept a bit of recognizable Doom spirit going!
Drums had that wonderful inhuman prescision that you can only get from a sequencer :P People might not like it- but I love it.

Guitars reminded me a bit of Iron Maiden, too ;o)

Hopefully I'll have a nice industrial remix out one day.
Though, I salute you all the same!

rocker206 responds:

Well I'm glad to see that you liked this song. This is indeed different from the original but I made sure to keep it somewhat recognizable. So thanks for your review and I'll be sure to check out one of your tunes soon.


i love how the drums panned back and forth durin' the rolls and the fact that it was the original riff but played with arpeggios instead of just the open string. totally awesome. check out my doom cover called the shores of hell. it's a different song than this one from the game. bad-ass version man. keep it up!!!

rocker206 responds:

Hey thanks for the review! I'll be sure to take a look at your doom cover.