Reviews for "D00M -- I sawed the demons!"

first level???

it IS isnt it???? just metald up a bit????? cuz i just finished playinig through the entire game, and that was the closest soundidng 1


:D i just absolutley love doom, but seriously it almost sounds like the first level but i know its not so which one is it?
lol anyways keep up the great work


awesome song, you captured Doom quite nicly, but which level is this, i will go insane if i dont find out, i know the tune, but i have no idea from which level!!!


Thisis the best i have heard in a long time, awsome job.

great guitar

i enjoyed the song very much, but it seems to be a little to repetative. the lead guitar on the other hand is very good in my opinion. try to add a little spice to the music, do something unexpected. other then that, keep up the great work!