Reviews for "D00M -- I sawed the demons!"

\m/ Hell Yeah! \m/

GNARGH!!!! *Slays a fag*

YEAH!!!! This is good shit!
I love the solo, the melody... EVERYTHING!!!

Man! Gotta get a guitar!

rocker206 responds:

Hey thanks for the review! I'll be sure to check out some of your stuff.

I like it much!

Its a very good remake , continue with it!

rocker206 responds:

Glad you enjoyed it!

Fuking cool

That rocks. Nice solo. I was gonna say it sounds like a song from a game or something then I looked at the title. :)


rocker206 responds:

Hey thanks for your review! glad you liked the song. I reviewed that Shepherd & the Maiden Ghost tune of yours. It was pretty sweet!

Awesome as fuck

I could have swore I reviewed this yesterday.
Anyway, fucking heavy as shit. It sounded proper awesome! Loved those riffs man. Now I'm gonna have to go and play the game! Nice solo's too satan.

rocker206 responds:

Hey gorebastard! thanks for taking a listen and the review lol.


Nice one there dude. Sweet remixcover. The leads sounded hell clear. Good job!


rocker206 responds:

He thanks man! Oh and I checked out the aggression tune of yours. Cant wait till you put out the full song.