Reviews for "The Game that Stole X-Mas"


oh face-palm...

love it

made my day 5/5


LOL, this was very....cute... :x Very well drawn, liked this style of drawing! But, really, is Wii Music THAT bad? O: Anywho. :P Nice job on this flash, hope you make more.

Olimar011, i totally agree with you, to what you said to JSeed.

JSeed, having some black guy's voice, isnt racist....do you even know what Racist, or RACISM means for that matter? I mean, sure in your view its prolly racist (somehow), but really, its not. How do you even know its actually a "black guy", by thinking he is one, you're just being stereotypical yourself. I mean, common, he doesnt deserve a 1, for "copying" egoraptors style of drawing. But i'm pretty sure half of the people on newgrounds based thier ideas on someone elses work, but does it matter? As long as we enjoy it, thats all that matters. And quit complaining, he put alot of effort into making this for the viewers of newgrounds, and you're complaining? Well, at least you used proper sentences and a reason to why you gave him a "1". ._. Not just "SUCKS BALLS, go die" or something like that.

And again, GOOD job to all those people who made this flash. Hope to see more from you in the future.


I GOT WII MUSIC TO FOR Christmas and i no how the feel :c

jajajaj dawm funny

for a moment ,reminds me to those kids who recieved a nintendo 64 ,