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Reviews for "Retro Xmas"

Nice One.

Not sure what Pitfall has to do with Christmas, but good job anyway, Luis!


didn't see that coming lol
santa got jacked haha

A tridute to the good ole days and good laugh

Believe it or not many protestants were the same. It was not until the Lutherans and Quakers came to the Colonies that anyone in the protestant world would celebrate Christmas because it really is a more Catholic Holiday. Yet, contrary to our Jewish friends disappoint Christianity is a Jewish sect or denomination not a separate religion as ignorantly defined by the Romans to appease the Jews. No Judaism thus no Christianity.

The animation was a prime example of atari lovable pixels with a Luis twist. Your work is always beyond excellent.

I swear...

I just couldn't stop laughing for a good ten minutes after watching this...


wow the jews are pretty pissed of