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Reviews for "Retro Xmas"


that is really hilarious. you didnt include a link to the christmas page, so ur not in the comp.

not like you could win anyways....

Luis responds:

the ng loader graphic and the menorah link to it. Thats plenty. I'm not going to polute my frames with text. Anywho thanks for the review, i had fun.

Omfg, that was great...

I was watchin' it.. it was ok...

Then suddenly it gets to the part with Santa and I'm laughing and calling this one of the best flashes ever. Wow, you sure woke me up. xD


Very crisp animation, and the 'game' looks awesome!

That was funny

I was thinking he was happy to see santa or some shit. Guess not lol. That was great.


fuck the jew's

fucking nice short