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Reviews for "Retro Xmas"

good and funny

It is good and I played pit fall,and the movie was good with chrismas and then GTA music. Hope to see more.


Pitfall! So thát was the name of that game I had for the Commodore 64 that didn't make any sense! I just couldn't figure out how to play the danm thing. (it was probaby because I was 6 years old back then and couldn't speak a word English)
Thank you for helping me remember, now I will dowload a C64 emulator and Pitfall (1 or 2) and beat that rotten (but apparently a good) game!
Oh, and, nice animation, the car jackin' cracked me up!


wow that was so great. Too bad I'm not Jewish.


Lol, that was brilliant...
The crappy music fitted the crappy graphics perfectly.
This proves you dont have to be a brilliant flash artist to make something good (even though you might be a good flash artist, im not judging).


Except for the profanity. Pitfall Harry is most likely Protestant :-)