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Reviews for "Retro Xmas"


Very crisp animation, and the 'game' looks awesome!


I agree, but only because everyone expects presents and when you can't get 'em one, they make you feel like a total dick.

Good video though.


why is it offesive to dis christmas.......IT'S NOT EVEN JESUS'S BIRTHDAY.
it's a pagan holiday made in which to fool people io worshipping idols.
funny in a way but seeing as christmas actually means christ mass (death of christ) i can't really give you reps for the ending.

Luis responds:

fair enough, although i dont know why youd take a flash movie so literally.
If you are really going to split hairs and be literal then i really didnt call it Christ mass.... i called it X mas.


you have some balls man, some big, black jewish BALLS to do something like this.
that is why i come bearing a gift, a gift of my acceptance, congrats, for not many can achieve this gift

Pretty funny

It didn't look like much to begin with, but it was a very funny (if potentially offensive) ending