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Reviews for "Retro Xmas"


ah, the music was great, and I'm kinda Jewish, so the message made me happy. Animation was pretty good, too. Now a favorite XD

Holy freking awesome

I don't know if I could say anything was wrong with this, even if I tried to make up stuff! It was great as it was and the ending just made it 1000 times better! It's good to see the Jews fight back xD.


That was truly funny! Very unexpected and hilarious ending! Good sprite anims too!


I thought it was pretty amusing. Ironic how some view this as racist etc... If they simply read the description of the movie they would understand. Also ironic that they go into a racist tear when they are calling for you movie to not be "racist". Anyways, a good twist and something unexpected which makes it a flash worth watching.

I like the end.

Indeed, Christmas sucks but I'm not Jewish. I don't believe in any religion and that's why I agree with the end even though I actually receive lots of presents like this new 32 inches HDTV with DVD Player integrated. My family likes Christmas and they all know that I don't like it. They also know that I won't give any presents but they keep giving some to me. For me, Christmas is just an opportunity to see the rest of my family and get presents. There's no magic, no Santa, no Christ and it only serves as getting indebted. I only give presents for someone's birthday or when I feel like it.

By the way, I like the reference to San Andreas!