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Reviews for "Retro Xmas"


I am a Christan but i thought that was funny. I especily thought the addon to the Grand theft Auto San Andras music was the kicker to the comedy. If this cartoon Offends you then At the top of the computer screen tot he right is a Small X click that and never come to New Grounds again lol. Look be open minded its all in good humor Don't be like a an Arab and hate everything and have no sence of humor and demand death for someone making a funny. Man oh man. Besides ;-) Religon in my opinion is man altered :-P

Christmas- Jesus wasn't even born in December it was placed on December 25th by the Catholic church to try and compete and convert Pagens

Honika- is just a Celebration of 7 days worth of Oil that was only supposed to last for 4 days during an Arab Attack on a jewish temple. And was yet again put in December to compete with Christmas.

so everyone have fun live life laugh and just have fun and when we die then ask The almighty what was the real way to live

and for you Athiests just live life and have fun because when its done Your dead anyways :-P

Not to Bad...

Not a bad animatin to be hnest, good use of pixels and I never seen it coming, the music fitted well with the scenario and the GTA music at the end was nicely done.

Only problem Ihve with this is that its to short and as LATIN-LOONY said, it only made me chuckle as well. But, credit where credit is due, its a good flash overall.


thats was random as hell it didn't make me laugh but it made me chuckle i can see why jewish people find it offense but if famous comedians like billy connoly can get away with it then why can't you. ther only giving you shit because they can they won't send billy connoly hate mail cos he's famous

PS i am a big fan but i'm just making a point

U have done a great thing here

U have shown that people r obsolutely blind to good comedy, yes it may go against someone beliefs, but jeez its just a fucking cartoon, there is no reason to get all mad because someone stepped on a religional belief, we as a society do it all the time, say maybe the elections? But u didn't see anyone go on strike because of it, people just chill the fuck out its funny so god damnit laugh.... P.S. half the shit on here most likely offends ur religion and i bet u don't say shit, so don't flame this guy.

8/10 due to iffy plot structure, maybe pick up his wife on the side of the road or something lol


That part where Luis pulls Santa out of his sled is beautifully animated. <3