Reviews for "Snowman Builder"

You fools!

You fools your giving me a chance to make my evil snowman army so i can inslave the human race

not bad

good game for the winter spirit but whats with the music?

good but short

music: 9/10 dont know where you got it but the music was cool.
animation: 8/10 niec animation, only the mouth, i could barely grab it, was hard.
gameplay: 6/10 nice dress-up, but it needed more different tools, like different eyes maybe or arms? for the rest, addictive game.

Mmk, Try some more variety

That was ok i guess especially for a sencond go, im yet to have my second, feeling the rejection :P A box where the snowmans supposed to go may be a tip, and some more items maybe, but it does everything i hope it's intened to do :D

good for a 2nd!

For your second flash game this is quite good! The only critism I have is the snow that falls, its quite anoying.