Reviews for "Snowman Builder"

good for a 2nd!

For your second flash game this is quite good! The only critism I have is the snow that falls, its quite anoying.


I'm going to be brutally honest. This was a waste of time. You need more items, more everything. And like instead of a happy face make it like tons more emotions. Other than that great potential.


Most of it looked pretty good, everything ran smoothly. However, there are a few things to improve upon.

1: More items. Most of the decisions I made comprised of "Will I make him smile or frown?" It felt like I was doing a small puzzle.
2. What was that black thing? I mean besides the hat. This wouldn't so much be an improvement, as enlightening me as to what it is.
3. The mouths! Make them easier to click on. It takes a bit to nail that thin line like that!

well since it's your first i'll give a five

There is potential in this game if you try again and submit a sequel. It's kinda fun but not very much, which is my some users who don't know how hard it is to script a game. Might give it a zero.

Mmk, Try some more variety

That was ok i guess especially for a sencond go, im yet to have my second, feeling the rejection :P A box where the snowmans supposed to go may be a tip, and some more items maybe, but it does everything i hope it's intened to do :D