Reviews for "***The Pixelmas Shorts***"

Great :D.

I was glad to be part of this collab, it was great working with all of you.

That was great


Merry christmas

Great and truely original

Just wondering, could you let me know where to find some tutorials on making pixels flash cartoons? I really love the style and wouldn't mind attempting it.

Lol. I wasn't going to write a review...

But I had to say how much I liked this. It was all amusing, but the the "HO-HO-HOLY SHIT!" cracked me up for real. X) Lol. That part actually made me laugh. <,<;

Very nice job, and the white ninjas gave me an idea for a Naruto fanfiction.

i like everyones shorts!

all of your guys shorts are cool! i like k1rby short. :)