Reviews for "***The Pixelmas Shorts***"

Very nice collection.

Lots of great artists here. I'm just curious do you make this stuff in MS paint and animate it in flash? Because that's kind of what it looks like to me. But anyway I hope you can make a bigger collab next year. Merry christmas and a happy New Year too!

nice shorts

i give you a 9/10 for the pixels animation i rather see a good quality but it,s just what i think but that's ra really great flash vid! good job for all!

Less Violence, More Cleverness

Ninja one was great, I didn't like how so many of the others focused on violence. Plus the Jesus transition could have been different.

only one part

the only reason i`m rating it so high is because of the Ho Ho Holy shit! part it made me laugh real hard.the rest is shit

really funny and good

It was really funny, a great way to celebrate Pixelmas.

Btw, what was the real song in the 1st short after the menu?