Reviews for "***The Pixelmas Shorts***"


I get the feeling you weren't really trying to be super funny. If I'm correct, then this deserves the 8 out of 10 for keeping me fully entertained for like three minutes. bravo. A lot of the shorts didn't really make sense though. I understand the comedic relief... (relief from what?!) but having stuff that just doesn't really make sense... for example: a kid looks at his presents and is suddenly very happy?

anyway, you get it, I hope.

Emanhattan responds:

I get what you mean. there is a lot of mixed feelings into this collab, is not necessarily a "LULZ WOWSERS" kinda thing. and we were not aiming at that.

Alot more awesome then I thoguht it would be!!!

Alot of the shorts I thought were a but stupid, but there was ones that I really liked, the one by Kirby and the one by Daneximuz

It was OK

Good effort. I did not find most of the shorts funny but some were pretty good. There were some that were just crap. I liked the music though, nice christmas techno stuff.

That was cool

You guys did some nice work with the pixels. Keep it up. Some were totally random and some seemed unfinished, but the overall hilarity and action made up for those. Again, nice work. I still can't find the easter egg. (coughhintpleasecough). I salute you.


My fave was the one by daneximas or whatever his name was

Emanhattan responds:

Daneximus┬┤s part was REALLY good.