Reviews for "***The Pixelmas Shorts***"

Nice Christmas Collab

I thought this was a pretty good collab. The graphics were good. I liked that during the pre-loader it gave you something to do rather than sit there and watch it load. The audio was also great- a good mix of Christmas tunes. Nice job, here's hoping for another one next year!

~ Z


Woah well done! There is a mixture of moods in this but overall very well done! And it's all in pixels! I hope you organize another collab, good job!

- Review Request Club

Emanhattan responds:

thanks mista

Santa drumming...

Nobody likes coal

Emanhattan responds:


An interesting mix

Okay, so we're in a situation where I can't really criticise the animation, per se, as where there are some awesome manipulations of sprites in there, some people have gone out and thrown together a piece that is synonymous with pixels = low quality, where this is obvious that it's not what it is all about.

I think that the jokes have been well written and, overall, well delivered. With the way that it did run on a little too long for my liking, I think you could certainly have used a select scene menu, just to allow people to check out one or two particular pieces of the flash, should they wish to send a festive message to friends, for example.

It's a well formed collab and it is clear that you have spent a lot of time, collectively on it all. Will you be doing something for Easter? I see that some of you have already alluded to that, with the Easter Bunny making Cameos :P

[Review Request Club]

Emanhattan responds:

thanks for the review. yeah it seems it was "almost too long".

I hope next time we make a collab of this nature we rise up the bar.

Amazing flash skills here.

Animation/Graphics - You really put in the best of the best here didn't you? All of them were good, some of them were very good, and some were amazing. Some were very simple and some looked more advanced in terms of animation, but they were all done very well. I really liked the pixel look that you guys chose for this submission. Was everything in pixel though? I think I remember seeing one that wasn't.

Story/Content - Again, some were good, some were great, and some were amazing. I think the funniest one of all had to be the airplane gag, which for some reason I didn't see coming at all. Some weren't too great in terms of content though. Some simple ones that really didn't do anything at all and things like that. The ones that were good greatly outnumbered the ones that weren't very good by such a large number that the bad ones don't really take away from the flash.

Audio - I think this is the best that I have ever seen audio synced with a flash and almost everyone had the perfect match with their audio. Great job to everyone here.

Overall - A great submission that is worth a watch. Great job guys.

~ Review Request Club ~