Reviews for "***The Pixelmas Shorts***"

*Dies laughing*

God, most of that was only moderatly funny, but the arctic ninjas made me laugh my ass of.


One word:GRE@T!!!!! Very Nice! Keep doing these kind of collabs! *_*

You're right, I liked this one!

It was much more entertaining, a little long though. There was probably 2 shorts you could have done without, to be honest. A lot of them were funny though :) Good job!


6 stars cuz I can tell alot of work was put into this, but it just wasnt very interesting... I kept asking myself 'how much longer?'

This was entertaining

Well this was entertaining, pixle like characters were cute and it was well animated i was very impressed right from the start, so nice work indeed.

More shades of color in the characters would be nice

Decent flash here keep making more