Reviews for "***The Pixelmas Shorts***"

Lol. I wasn't going to write a review...

But I had to say how much I liked this. It was all amusing, but the the "HO-HO-HOLY SHIT!" cracked me up for real. X) Lol. That part actually made me laugh. <,<;

Very nice job, and the white ninjas gave me an idea for a Naruto fanfiction.

You guys are crazy!

I want to hire some ninja delivery men!! :D

Emanhattan responds:

The boogley liked our collab yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!! : D


Lol! It's rated 13+ but a couple of the artists are only 12!

Emanhattan responds:

yeah lol


for giving me something to enjoy on christmas... my family always fights... i wish my christmas was like this :D

Emanhattan responds:

its called mankind man.

I finally get to watch my own video.

I loved it!
My only problem is that you didn't use the original fonts and that probably made the difference of a couple hundredth's of a decimal on the score.

I wish I could have been the submitter, but power outages screwed me over.

Thanks for taking over Emanhattan! :D

Also, k1rby's part was my favorite! :)

Great job everyone. I hope to work with you all again.

Also, we are in 15th place! Just .11 more on the score and we win money!

Emanhattan responds:

haha. I tought it was great too.

but we dont really have to be the top scoring to win you know? its all about what the critics percieve of the movie.

catoblepasĀ“s cartoons score real bad sometimes even tough they are awesome, and still get cash sometimes.

we have a fair shot I guess. not taht I really really care about a couple of bucks at the moment.