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Reviews for ".: Mechanical Commando :."

Locks up

If you press too many buttons at once, it locks up and keeps walking in the same direction for a while-Or my computer might just suck.From what worked though, this was very enjoyable :)



not half bad

It's a good game, definatly worth killing a few minutes over. My only real beef with it is it's insanely easy...didn't take a single hit, though i only played through level 1. Maybe work out some difficulty settings and i'd give it a full blown 10

Every once in a while, you find a fun game...

This is one of those times. That unstoppable spray of bullets never gets old. It's a little easy, but one of the best and most fun games of this genre that I've played. Adjusting the quality quickly fixed the lag, which was the only problem. Keep up the good work!