Reviews for "8 Presents"


the animation and the scoring is really great.
i like it coz it made me feel like im playing those games using the oLD game consoLEs.

i just hope the story is much better. ^^

8 indecent presents.

I never really heard of this author before, but I don't care because he gave me eight free presents! Yay! Too bad they were all comparable to $1 Wal-Mart toys.

So we all get treated with 8 little flashes, none of which really stand out. Okay, so the animation was pretty good, and I can really dig the Megeman themed menu, but nothing really stands out. None of them are particulary funny to me (except watching that damn Creme the Rabbit get beaten to death with shoes). Adding salt to the wounds is some truly awful dialouge, so bad and awkward I had to cover my ears at one point (I'm talking about YOU Don Patch).

And what's with all the anvils? One, maybe two were okay, but it looks like you went overboard with them. I'm surprised Wil E. Coyote didn't show up, with all the damn anvils flying everywhere.

6. Nothing is really funny to me or stands out in any way. Others may enjoy this and laugh aloud, but I just didn't. It's not really bad, but it failed to entertain me.


great little clips, and good use of the sfx, also, Happy 5th year, merry christmas, and happy newyear


Great flash but I think U have to make the characters more visible and work more on the background as well...

kinda funny

the only one i really laughed at was luigi's btw you gotta fetish with anvils? :D