Reviews for "Thinking outside the box"

Very Nice

Hilarious it took me about 5 minutes to figure it out. That was really clever! It was so simple and so tough at the same time.


DO'H!!!!!! i feel stupid!! :P, took me about 10 minutes (even though at first i checked it....... not thoroughly enough i guess)

now i need to find a way to play this IRL :).

omfg :D

Great, just great :D
I felt so stupid after finding out how it works.

But could anybody tell me (via private message) how this is played in real life? i wanna piss off all the people i know with this genius game :D


i dont get it but it was kinda fun :)


that was so funny! when i get the point i was so amazed)))
took me about 5 minutes, dobo69 review helped a little