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Reviews for "Thinking outside the box"

wow thats great

i literally looked everywhere outside of the box, i even tried how many markers were left in the marker box, lol, then i saw it
Great Work!

Dude you had me pissed but then i thought hmmm

Outside the box BRILLIANT!

im such an idiot

so simple so hard yet so brilliant very good game ill show ym freinds when there drunk keep up the fantastic work people who give it a bad rating just need to think "outside" the box

ahh xD

omg i going to kill you this i brilliant xD first i thought if u extended the lines you count the point of intersections xD but like everone else i figured it out... u are a sneaky baster sir

good job and good luk in the future

lol god dam it

awesome i figured it out i was getting a bit worried bout how so many other people were getting it