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Reviews for "SmutGrumps Cover"

Looking forward to it! :D

yes please <3

Bro I can dig your style or what the old school calls swagger. For someone to criticize you for how you draw your characters in ways to sound like a total here just goes to prove how salty they themselves are. I label these people, "Sodium Saiyans". Don't let them get you down. Instead, use them as fuel to your fire and continue with your work. I for one would love to see how your efforts pan out. Don't you dare quit because someone chose to go Super Sodium Saiyan Level 5... " Good God, Kakarot!!! ". I'm sure you will find nay-sayers in this wonderful world of creation as if they all rights in the universe to put you down in the name of exploiting the purpose of constructive criticism. They just want to be heard, promote themselves to an imaginary position in life that the world won't allow them because of their insecurities and or lack of ambition let alone initiative. And if they are are skillful artists... shame on them for putting you down. Folks, try being your brothers keeper or to each one preach one... and the preach one teach one. Anyways I digress... Rock on, I can't wait to see more of your talents, and thank you for representing yourself and others like myself in the world of creation. Together, our ambitions will out-number the salty ones... the Sodium Saiyans. If Rick and Merry, One Piece, or Invader Dom can make it on television... you have a future. God Bless. Happy New Year. All hail having nekomimi girlfriends and AR-15's. Peace

where can i read this

Arin became Erin lol
Good work