Reviews for "Metal Slug Brutal 2"


That was better than the first metal slug brutal. I was only a little disappointed when I realised there were only 2 levels :c Still awesome though :D

not bad

a good shooter game


You have to fix the controls.
I mean cmon the S button is jump the D button is granades and the A button is shoot, but moving is done with the arrowkeys.
Fix the controls and make the enemies less powerful or the guy you control more powerful and It's a 5/5 and 10/10!

Ok except for one important thing...

I think that it is an ok game but you should have more health per life because it makes it to hard. Change that and you have a pretty good game =)

._. i cant move

i cant play it, it has a litch or something, because it doesnt move and when i press the d the garnades just keep around me without move to anywhere else....I cant move XD!!!!!!