Reviews for "Metal Slug Brutal 2"

the best metal slug game on newgrounds!

but a piece of shit compared to the real metal slug games.


I liked this, however there were some downs. I'll start with the cons.


-NO HP BAR! One shot one kill was not my favorite because even the grunt soliders could beat me.
-There was only 3 weapons (RPG/flamthrower, pistol, and gernades)
- NO way to earn back lives


-The music was VERY fitting
-The SFX was very good
-Gameplay was awesome!
-The graphics was also good.


-I would add an HP bar or least a way to earn more lives
-More weapons (maybe a weapons shop?)
-The second level with the tank that shoots those balls? I would add an unlockable weapon area there. In there could be like supercharged guns and stuff
-Allies (like maybe a friendly in a helicopter?)


-Yeah combined with the music,SFX, and graphics I could (am XD) play this again.

This is a GREAT game. I really enjoyed playing it and I intend to play again (and again and again and again). Keep up the good work and I hope to see a squel!


A hard game

Played it a few times and got to what I guess is the final boss. Still that guy has too much hp for the attacks he uses.

Good but..

If you change the controls to "WASD" to move and "JKL" for example will be more playable. Arrow Keys are ok but ASD makes me a bit confused.

Otherwise, the game is cool, but Why only five grenades for level?

this is the koolest ms game...

but its too freaking hard. you should be able to be shot like 4 times or something before you die. atleast you gave alot of lives and alot of enemys. i could only get to the begging of the second level but this is one of my favs. if you make a 2nd just give more health really and maybe a gun selection thing or something -capslock6