Reviews for "Metal Slug Brutal 2"


Well it was a good game even tho we have little bit of lifes
but like yinyangseal, u can crouch the entire time
that's not Metal Slug way, i just saw about 2-3 guys go down to kill me
but it was a decent game for Metal Slug series
and for Jenner123

STFU,Jenner if u have not played any metal slug game stfu,because that's how metal slug is played like,1 shot and ur dead
i thought that Jenner has not played Metal Slug series,because he is a stupid fuck who dosen't get the series
and the graphics are ok,u know wat crappy graphics are,there are from Metal Slug's 7 on DS
they just zoomed it in too much
so Jenner if u have not played the series of the game just stfu and go and buy the Metal Slug series or the Metal Slug Anthology
fucking dumbass

Pretty good, lacked a few things

My main issue was the lack of weapon variety and the fact that you had to restart from the begining of the first stage. If you are going to seperate it inot stages, at least make a checkpoint at the start of each one. As for everyone who wrote a review right before me, obviously the majority of you have never played metal slug or you would not have suggested something as stupid as a health bar. Metal Slug has always had one hit kill. This was a good rendition of the series but was missing several things. (btw the flamethrower is a one hit kill on all bosses, just knife all the regular soldiers and save that gun for the bosses)

It was decent..

I agree wtih otto007. It be great if you have at least healthbar... i know you are trying to make things realistic of a one shot one kill but you have to balance the game by giving more lives if you want to keep the one shot kill type of thing:)

no skill needed

besides the bosses, you could crouch the entire thing.

metal slug = good fun but kinda short

good game love all the metal slug games and this one is just as good as any other i have played keep up the good work