Reviews for "Metal Slug Brutal 2"

good old days

the controls are exactly like those on the original arcade game, and the game play was very similar, love the nostalgia


It's a very nice game that brings us back to the good old times.. No it should be a clicking game, if it was, it would not be alike the real metal slug..
It's not all that hard, you just need to get accustomed to each level..
I kept always dying on the second level, and when I got to the second boss and died to him I was disappointed thinking it was hard and that there would be more levles and would be impossible to win.. But no! I got to the boss again and killed him, there are only two levels!
Great game. :)

fun but agittating

my head hurts from trying to get use to the controls, and the single shot guns did get me alot. fun but hard, not worth the 10 because the little mistakes like controls and how hard it was


Vary good game however, people are right about the whole " Single Shot" kill scenario is a bit nerve wrecking. But it does have a more realistic feel to it. Though, it still is a game. (<= ),)

great but...

kept getting single shot killed, what up witthat?