Reviews for "Metal Slug Brutal 2"

nice game, but..

It would have been a good game, but the AWFUL controls just make it hard to play.
I understand that you were going for that arcade feel & Nostalgia.
But it just doesnt work. S for jumping and D for grenades A for attack, down arrow to duck. It is just confusing, WASD for movement and mouse for shooting, and it would have been much better, and it would have made this game playable.
Otherwise the game is good,sounds are nice,graphics sprites,whicth i love, and it would have been 8 with better controls- albeit the game was bit unoriginal.

yeah, yeah....

yeah whatever. How hard can it be to create a metal slug game? I mean, c'mon theres a whole page filled with diferent parodies (some good and some terrifying bad) and games that either use the metal sluge-engine or are just totaly faked copys........anyways you did not a to shameful job so, cheers ^^


not excellent but good

that was...

freakin awesome man... keep it up...

Runs nice and smooth.

i luv it! just like the old metal slugs, this game kicks ass! love the difficulty too, it's just right.