Reviews for "Bleep - Subtractive"

Great turnout.

I remember helping you out with the light problem and decided to check out the final product. This movie is really enjoyable and the song is pretty cool too. I lime the fact that every element had a pat in the song. Next time you should try to make the background elements blend in together a little better i found that they were a little edgy. Other then that I love the idea and I'm glad I could help you out! Hope to see more stuff from you!

Good song, decent animation

For what it was, it was great, but these types of videos no matter how good the music make me feel there's something to be desired.
Anyways, syncing was pretty good, but the audio could have done with better quality. I liked it though :D

2006Neon2006 responds:

yeah i know what you mean by somthing to be desired, but when you do this style it just has that essence of needing somthing more, when in actual fact anymore would ruin it, i have 4 things going at once, thats alot to look at so yeah

glad you liked it :D!


Definitely worth watching!

2006Neon2006 responds:

thanks :3


Realy interest....good

2006Neon2006 responds:

man of few words but im glad you liked it :3

that was awesome

the only thing i did not like was the audio qulity.
it started to click a bit, making it hard to here the good btis.

2006Neon2006 responds:

yeah sorry, not sure how to fix that, the track was MP3 and exported as mp3 D:
ill look into it!

glad you liked it :D