Reviews for "Bleep - Subtractive"

It's lovely

I just wanted to offer constructive criticism. First it does look lovely. My only suggestion would be to take the setting and rather than have a static horizontal view of everything, make it more interesting for the eye and have the viewer look down the street into a vanishing point. You could then put street lights on both sides of the road (or not :) ) and it would just feel deeper to the audience I believe. Take exactly what you've done and just expand yourself a little further and make the background more dynamic. Kudos though :D

2006Neon2006 responds:

i see your point, would be good to do somthing like that, i just need the right song and setting, ill try it thanks! :3


could you add a link or somthing so you can download the song?

2006Neon2006 responds:

the song is part of an album which isnt available for free download, ill link in the description when available


You did a great job making this!
not only did you provide a great soundtrack, but you managed to make it very enjoyable to watch too!

Very original and fun to watch.
9/10 because quality of music AND graphics could be just a bit better.


2006Neon2006 responds:

graphics could be better? o.O
i used real textures for once ;-;

meh w/e, ty


Definitely worth watching!

2006Neon2006 responds:

thanks :3


i love it!!!

nuthin more to say....... :D


2006Neon2006 responds:

thanks :D