Reviews for "The Day Keanu Stood Still"

it was ok

the pictures were good drawingsand some of them did make me laugh but the whole thing in general was so boring
does not deserve 0 tho so ill give it a 4


The Art forum can have a lot of stupid people...


Ugh... I agree with verin100. Fart jokes are among the lowest forms of humor there is. And yeah, I did not want to see any pictures of Keanu Reeves' penis, or any penises. A little more warning next time, "Mild Nudity" barely covers it.
One of the pics looked more like David Duchovny then Keanu Reeves.

what in the hell...

are you guys gay for Keanu Reeves ? Why make a montage of him, that piece of shit burned my eyes

Umm... Okay.

Tom Fulp would be ashamed if he saw this... oh wait, he made it. Very freakin' weird.