Reviews for "The Day Keanu Stood Still"


Tom is awsome and im not kissing ass , man.

Nice Collaboration...

The 8th Keanu looked like Mulder from the "X Files."


The wooden board one is the one my dad would find most accurate. He describes him as a "Wooden man half high on drugs." Quite a character, he is. I can't help but agree with him.Keanu Reeves has the same emote range as a picture, if not LESS.

I used to like this guy?

It must've been The Matrix that set me off....then it all went doooown... But I like what happens when a bunch of people draw Keanu Reeves!

The best part is that this is the music from Ferris Bueller's Day Off! So I had a stupid laughing fit. Thank you.

This was random.

What started with a fucking odd post in News ended with this.

Simply disturbing how well some of these turned out. Good job.