Reviews for "The Day Keanu Stood Still"

No bill and ted

I iz sad

dont listen to those haters to you tom you da man



Nice Movie Tom :D

Epic Control of the Website!!!

Its things like this that prove Tom Fulp is the boss around here.

To all those people who have crapped out this Collab - especially Olzie - TOM FULPS MADE THIS PLACE AND HE WILL DO WHATEVER THE HELL HE LIKES IN IT. ;-)

Moving on, some of those pics were just utterly weird, but some were quite awesomely done. I like the continous Woah reference as well. And I saw Bill and Ted's Awesome adventure in there too so 10/10. :D

Umm... Okay.

Tom Fulp would be ashamed if he saw this... oh wait, he made it. Very freakin' weird.