Reviews for "The Day Keanu Stood Still"

Here's a title for my review.

Wasn't that the music from the museum scene in Ferris Bueller's Day Off? I always wondered whether that scene was supposed to be artistic and if I should be affected by it emotionally. It always seem oddly out of place as if it was intentionally put in with no purpose other than making the film seem like it was more than a silly teen comedy.

This flash, on the other hand, was pure art. An enlightening exploration of what it means to be in the public eye, your every action up for criticism and analysis. Is Keanu mearly what we perceive him to be or does there beat the heart of human deep within? These questions are left to the viewer to answer and they reveal as much of our own inner worth as they do Keanu's. Plus, the gag with the images speeding by before landing squarely on a cock shot was worth a few solid chuckles.

It's great to see quick collabs that allow even the users without flash or much artistic talent to participate in getting content on the portal. Wish I knew about this, I would have whipped something up.


Could some one tell me what just happened? Idk. i loved the plank keanu. I %u2665 Keanu.

Something's fishy here...

Weird, I don't remember smoking anything before I watched this.

I uh....er....don't know what just happened.



Alex Winter just turned in his grave... he's dead right? Oh God, you mean to say
Keanu got a career and not him