Reviews for "The Day Keanu Stood Still"


The Art forum can have a lot of stupid people...

SO here are my thoughts!

Hmm...Decent, good, shitty, no, no, maybe, alright, yes, yes, no, too fast for me to review, ew gay, okay cool, nice, weird, lol, nice, nice, haha the evolution of Keanu, nice, shitty, nice, nice, maybe, not bad, was that just a stick figure? wtf, no, nice, no, yes, yes, okay and Wtf?

All in all it was a good mix of good drawings and people who need pyschotherapy getting a release in the form of keanu drawings.


Nice drawings.

It was OK

What kind of name is Keanu anyway they should have kept his name in that new

movie it sounds more like an alien name anyway Klaatu something that I would

sooner call my kid than Keanu!

It's like those lame ass tribue youtube vids.

I'd expect this from something like those loser legions or krews or syndicates or anything that has the Initial of the same letter twice.

You got some good images in there huddled with shit and of course, dick jokes.

The pride and joy of NG. Oh and since I guess I gave this anything below a god damned 9 Imma get flagged for abusive critique so whatever.

Maybe I'll get a NG newfag saying "Hur hur hur y dunt u mak sumtin bettr than nub"

Fucking Shit NG, what the hell happened to you?