Reviews for "Revenge of the Turkeys"


hahahaha lol nice!

muffinman9 responds:

thanks, have a Merry Christmas!

Save the world! Eat a Turkey.


lovelylovelyman, thou has given newgrounders knowledge on the evil poultry, that tastes delicious in my tummy.

Well done soldier.

muffinman9 responds:

Yes! Glad you saw the message hidden in this flash! Go and get a turkey and eat it! And thanks and Merry Christmas


shall not eat turkeys this year...well, theres always thanksgiving... good animation and congrats for the front page!!!

muffinman9 responds:

thanks man, and a Merry Christmas to you

Turkies pwn!

I lol'd at the fat kid, that kid was really into his role XD. And nice job of using him and the "ding fries are done" guy in your video, you made them fit perfectly.

muffinman9 responds:

Yeah, I just had the random idea of adding them XD. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

haha L.O.L

haha damn turkeys, maybe thats the reason why we go and eat them in the first place, to prevent such tradegies happening, ahh now theres food for thought.. lol

loved it..

muffinman9 responds:

good idea! Eating the turkies will surely stop them (unless they kill you on the inside or something lol) anyway, thanks and Merry Christmas